15% of all Mazí profits go towards Team World Vision and helping bring clean water to Africa.

In August of 2016, I returned home from a month working in a refugee camp on a small Greek Island off of the coast of Turkey. While there, I met people from over 25 countries seeking refuge from war, political unrest, and lack of life-sustaining resources. This experience in Greece left me overwhelmed by the stories I'd heard, the things I'd seen, and the unbelievable need that currently exists in our world. It blew my mind to glimpse the complexity of the current crisis, and to witness the courage and the resilience of those whose life experience was so different than my own. I returned home compelled to step into the struggle with them, but recognizing that a lasting difference cannot be accomplished alone.

Mazí is the Greek word meaning together.

Mazí exists to partner together with organizations working to address critical human needs around the world. For this collection, I'm raising support for Team World Vision and clean water in Africa. Lack of access to clean water currently affects hundreds of millions of people. Every day, communities, families, grown ups and children have to walk miles and miles to get water that isn't even safe to drink. This reality impacts everything... from health and education, to opportunity and survival. World Vision works to bring clean water directly to these communities and individuals, changing their lives forever.

For this collection, 15% of all profits from Mazí will go towards this effort. I am so excited to use these pieces to contribute to making a sustainable and lasting difference in the lives of so many. To partner and say that those in need are not alone, that we are with them,

that we are together.